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Beardo the Movie

[Permalink] Dec 22, 2010, 10:31:00 AM
A movie about real men, for everyone.

"Beardo the Movie" is a documentary on the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships (WBMC). Held in Anchorage, Alaska in 2009, this biennial competition judges men in eighteen different moustache, partial beard, and full beard categories for the title of Best Facial Hair in the World. This international event boasts nearly 300 competitors from 15 countries. The WBMC usually takes place in Europe, but was held in the U.S. for only the second time ever. In years past, every competition has been dominated by the Germans...

Shot on location in Anchorage, Beardo the Movie is feature-length narrative that talks to the WBMC competitors about why they compete,and explores what having facial hair in contemporary society means in terms of personal and professional relationships.

Whoa there my bearded friend. There's more pogonotrophy where this came from
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