Faith in Beards - The Church of Pogonotrophy

Your personal journey

Get a PDF copy of a tract with your user ID conveniently embedded as a QR code, or make your own. Give it to friends, co-workers, leave it on bulletin boards, hand to people on the subway, attach it to email, or any number of other, significantly more clever methods. If the Sweet News™ of Sweet Beard touches the face of two people who saw your tract, and they grow a beard with us for six weeks, you get a Sweet Beard T-shirt or $9 towards the purchase of any other Sweet Beard item in the Sweet Beard Store. It's the religion that pays you back®!
*Terms subject to change without notice. We aren't lawyers or made of money.

Post pictures of your exploits

Not just for beard growers anymore! Women welcome. Post pictures of unique places you've left the Sweet News of pogonotrophy for all to see! The more updates, the more sweet.

Sweet Beard Tracts

Spread the Sweet News

Only sweetbeard members may download tracts with a QR code embedded.

Have an idea for a Sweet Beard tract or other Sweet Beard media? Already made something sweet that you'd like to share with fellow ChoP members? Let us know about it and we'll put it on the site for all to enjoy!