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Social Justice Whiskers

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Back in 2013 we raised an alarm of possible beardorrism, and call-out culture being what it is, everyone immediately capitulated. Our justice war was as social as it was swift: 4 years later Adam Evans still has a beard. Also he made a film.

Yea, with perseverence brung from a long beard, a short film did rise. Through the power of virtually zero cost virtue signaling™, sweetbeard even made it into the credits. Perhaps you did too? The only way to find out is to stream it on Amazon Prime Video now. Yes, that Prime Video. The one that you already have. That's right, Jack: no money needs to even change hands in this transaction. Watch it because you support the arts, need to observe human behavior more closely, or simply enjoy moving picture shows. But most of all do it because if you don't, you're a beardorrist. #StubbleJusticeNow! 


proof of beard


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At long last U+1F9D4

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The Unicode Consortium released its much-anticipated Version 10.0 of the Unicode standard. In large part the new version is an unexciting iterative release, documenting changes to the technical standards documents and other boilerplate business: save one important item.1F9D4 Bearded Person

U+1F9D4 bearded person.


It may seem difficult to imagine, but Unicode canonicalized codepoints for more mundane things like Slightly Smiling Face, the Taijitu symbol, and the letter W before it did so for Bearded Person. Better late than never, Unicode.


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